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Sex & Violence

Sex & Violence looks at the lives of professionals working in the aftermath of domestic violence. It follows the lives of a social worker, a victims’ advocate and four others who provide support to victims of violence. Caught in dysfunctional relationships, these victims need the support provided by the Courts, the medical system and the police. Sex & Violence chronicles the struggles of these professionals to maintain their own lives. Acclaimed Canadian writer-director Thom Fitzgerald (Cloudburst, The Hanging Garden) helms this critically-acclaimed drama.

This OUTtv original series stars Academy Award® winning actress Olympia Dukakis (Moonstruck, Tales of the City), Gemini winners Jennie Raymond (The Associates), Jackie Torrens (Made in Canada), Kerry Fox (Shallow Grave, An Angel at My Table), along with Canadian Idol alum Naomi-Joy Blackhall-Butler.

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